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So my son got the movie Avatar on DVD and while watching it Saturday night with him he said " Dad you have a bow and arrow set I haven't ever seen you use" I don't think I've shot it in 5 yrs maybe 6.

Went out this morning and got a couple of hay bails from the feed store. Set up at 25 yrds and after failing miserably not using the pins after about 24 shots I sighted in a pin at 25 yrds. just six shots. Shot off 18 and then it was time to head out, but I took 9 more before I was done. I had a hell of a cross wind, but the arrows stayed pretty damn true:

Those are the last 9 I shot. 18 yrs ago I could shoot almost that good with out a pin. Not today, before the pin I was all over the place. Once I set the pin I was pretty damn close, shot after shot.

My bow is a 20 year old PSE. I replaced the sting 6 yrs ago,so I made sure I had my safety glasses on in case the old string snapped.

I think I'll be practicing a bit more. The next coyote I see in the back yard just might get a broad-point instead of a .22 Mag. :D

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