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Record Results!

Atco, NJ, August 17, 2005: In it’s first trek into the world of Ford Drag Racing, Jimmy Biggs TV and the Your Way Network has logged a record response from viewing fans around the world. Initial numbers recorded an astounding of just over 40,000 hits from 73 countries across the globe in the initial 24 hours of the first features hitting the site. Said Biggs, “This is way more then I ever thought in my wildest dreams this could be done.”

The brainchild of Jimmy Biggs, Holeshot’s host, leader and all around main guy, along with Mark Walter as Webmaster and Mike Tritle for media sales, Your Way Network incorporates the latest in streaming video internet entertainment technology.

As of this time, YWN has hosted over 250,000 viewers in one week’s time. Said Mike Tritle, YWN Marketing and Sales Manager, “Several progressive companies have already recognized the potential for advertising with us. With ratings like this, now there is no excuse for not being here.”

Now, more than ever, companies in the Performance Industry need to take advantage of the advertising programs available. Links to the advertiser’s own website are included enabling the customer to link up and see video presentations “On Demand” and at will, any time, any day. No longer must your customer wait for the TV Network to see your feature on somebody else’s schedule. Six-minute feature spots can be had for an investment in the same neighborhood as magazine ad rates with no limitations or surcharges relative to number of hits. Explained Tritle, “Used stand alone or as a print media tie in, this deal is a win-win for fan, advertiser and media alike. Advertisers can use print media to direct potential customers to informative video or direct customers to your print media ads and stories with just the inclusion of a website link.”

For details on how your company can take advantage of Your Way Network opportunities, contact Mike Tritle, BlueCuda Marketing at (815) 761-3535 (It’s a free call for Verizon Wireless customers) or email at [email protected].
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