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would you recommend Ross Pistons

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I am putting together a 565 bbc. A friend of mine has a set of new Ross Pistons that I can get cheap. This is going to have to be a budget build for me and these fit the bill for that. They are actually turbo or blower pistons, so the compression is like 10:1. I am planning to just put it together and put spray on it for now and would like to switch it over to turbos this winter. I have always used JE Pistons in the past with very good luck. I know their are better pistons available. I just don't know anything about the Ross stuff for fairly high HP.
Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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in the past ive used ross a ton .i think there a quality piston ive never had a problem and would buy them again,just the shop im going to now likes diamond and JE..
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