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Johnny Baio said:
theflea said:
but it is ok when your wife talked about billys family. then went back and got rid of the post. she did say she was sorry. :WGAF
I think she meant to say something else, but it didn't come out that way, and I told her to delete it & apologize for it....she get's hyped up with this racing chit too much....she's not calm like

But this is suppose to be just a ball busting deal, not meant to attack family on any least that is my view of this stuff, I think somewhere on one of these posts, I referred to Bob Glidden & Coughlin , but not in any detrimental way at all, I can say I am a fan of his, and my engine guy has played golf with him and Steve Schmidt up here in Chi-Town when they came in for a race at RT. 66, when he was with Morgan, but I don't take jabs at him, or Rusty, or Etna at all, and I wouldn't condone it if Marie did it AT ALL!

Ray seems to grow some beer muscles at times....he'll end up a few inches shorter too... :shock:
well said john :-D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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