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New to autos, ran a 5-speed last year with a 2-step and boost controller wired to the clutch switch (with clutch in it stayed on the 2-step rpm and stage 1 of the boost controller, when the clutch came out, it went right to the timed/ramped 2nd stage on the boost controller).

So, what to do with the auto this year?
I was thinking of wiring the 2-step and boost controller to the TB switch to regulate the rpm and boost on the brake. When the brake comes off it will go right to the timed/ramped high boost 2nd stage. Good idea? Just what I have in my head.
This is FAST XFI, MSD 2-step and AMS-500. I do not have a 3 step and would like to use what I have for now.
Any recommendations appreciated.
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