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Windsor shootout ?

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Do you guys have a N/A class? If you do where would I find the rules? -Thanks
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But there are no rules within there Mike, I think you could refer him to the 2007 post though...because I don't think they are changing anything.
But there are no rules within there Mike, I think you could refer him to the 2007 post though...because I don't think they are changing anything.
theres a phone number tho. just incase something does change
here's the 2007 rule's for NA class stated they are probably going to remain unchanged this year...Can we get an official word on this..Andre? Ang? anyone?

Mailloux Chassis N/A Shootout 2007 Offcial Rules
This class is a naturally aspirated class designed for vehicles with stock front frame rails and firewall. Entries are allowed 4-link or ladder bar suspension. Small block and big block engines are permitted. The N/A class permits a variety of race-proven modifications and performance enhancements on stock bodied, stock appearing vehicles. All entries are rear wheel drive and compete on any size tire.

Qualifying Information, Ladder Type, & Tree
All Run, NHRA Pro Ladder, 500 sportsman tree, Heads-Up.

The body must retain its original appearance and profiles. Exact original OEM body shell type and dimension required. Aftermarket fiberglass replacement panels are limited to the hood, hoodscoop, decklid/hatch,doors,fenders and bumpers

AERODYNAMICS - Any modifications designed for aerodynamic advantage are strictly prohibited. Taping of any parts of body, seams, or front end is prohibited.

BUMPERS - Complete stock-appearing bumpers are required.

FENDER SPLASH PANS - Full, factory OEM or aftermarket inner fenders required. May be trimmed for header clearance.

FIREWALL - Firewall must be original and in stock location. On front wheel drive conversion cars, firewall in transmission area may be fabricated with 2 inch maximum clearance around bellhousing for new engine/transmission combination.

FLOOR/TRUNK PAN - Floor pan modifications are permitted. Replacing stock floor with a minimum of .024 inch thick steel or .032 inch thick aluminum permitted. Magnesium is prohibited.

GRILLE - A full-production grille is required for the body style used. Covering in front of grille is prohibited.

HOOD/SCOOP - Hood is required and may be made of lightweight material. May be liftoff. Must cover entire engine and induction components. Forward facing hood scoop allowed, but must retain oem or period correct style appearance max 5" high.

INTERIOR -Full upholstered and carpeted interior must be retained. Upholstered aftermarket front seats permitted. Rear seat may be removed when rollbar/cage is installed but area must be upholstered or carpeted leaving no bare panels if seat is removed. Full dashboard must remain with aftermarket gauges allowed.


WHEELTUBS - In order to clear legal tires, wheeltubs are acceptable. Finish to a factory appearance is mandatory.

WHEELWELL OPENINGS - The front wheelwell openings must be stock. Leading and trailing edges of rear wheelwells may be modified for tire clearance, maximum 2 inches as measured from the tire tread to the rocker panel in front and to the lower quarter-panel in back. Must be finished to factory appearance.

WINDSHIELD/WINDOWS - OEM safety glass or lexan permitted. Front windows must be operative but closed during racing.

WINGS/SPOILERS - Aftermarket wings and spoilers are permitted, maximum length from transition to tip is 16 inches. Spillplates may have no more than 8 inches of vertical height with a maximum of 4 inches above the plane of the spoiler. All wings/spoilers must be flush mounted to deck lid/hatch and stationary during entire run. No foil type wings permitted.
Bracket racing aids such as optical sensors, delay boxes, stutter boxes, and throttle stops are not allowed. The application or use of any device, mechanical or electronic, that permit the driver to ascertain the position of their vehicle in relation to the starting line is prohibited.

Operational brakes required on all four wheels. Automated brakes or any type of traction control is prohibited.

CHASSIS - Front framerails must remain in the stock location and may not be altered for the purpose of providing tire clearance. Tubular crossmembers are permitted. Back-halved combinations are permitted. Any strengthening members may be added to a stock frame. Front-wheel-drive conversions are permitted provided stock firewall and stock-type front suspension is retained.

FRONT SUSPENSION - Must retain complete stock front suspension as produced by manufacturer for body used. Aftermarket direct fit replacement suspension components including A-arms and rack and pinion/strut upgrades are allowed.

FRONT SUSPENSION, FWD CONVERSION - Aftermarket front suspension of stock type permitted. Fabricated crossmember may be installed. Coilover shocks permitted.

REAR SUSPENSION - May be aftermarket 4 link, ladder bar, or modified stock suspension. Wheelie bars are permitted.
RADIATOR - An OEM production-style or aftermarket full-size radiator is required and must be mounted in stock location.

WATER PUMP - Electric water-pumps and drives are allowed.
AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION - Any OEM automatic transmission or replica with torque converter is allowed. Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic shifter devices prohibited.

PURPOSE BUILT TRANSMISSION - Prohibited (i.e. Bruno, Lenco, etc).

MANUAL TRANSMISSION - Aftermarket transmissions with a maximum of 5 forward speeds, including "clutchless" models, Electric, hydraulic or pneumatic shifter devices prohibited.

CLUTCH - Clutch operation must be manually applied and disengaged with foot during run, without the assist of electric, hydraulic or pneumatic devices. Multi stage, variable release, or lock up type of any description is prohibited. Throwout bearing must release all fingers or levers simultaneously.

REAREND - Any automotive type allowed.
The battery may be relocated. Electric fans and water pump drive allowed.

Must be based off an American production automobile V8 engine. Engine does not have to be same make as body. Any internal engine modifications are allowed. Power adders such as nitrous oxide, turbochargers, or superchargers are prohibited.

BLOCK - Aftermarket blocks are permitted.
ENGINE LOCATION/MOUNTS - The block and heads must not touch the firewall. Motor plates and solid engine mounts are allowed.

HEADS - Aftermarket cylinder heads are restricted to cast aluminum or cast iron, with two valves per cylinder. Adapter plates are permitted on intake and exhaust.

Cylinder heads:
-Non conventional heads add .25lbs per cubic inch
-allcanted valve small block cylinder heads considered non-conventional .
-all inline small block heads under 18 degree valve angle with a raised runner height greater than 1" as measured from the deck of the block to the port floor are considered non-conventional

Big block head list:

-Profiler 12o hitman #184
-Brodix pb-1200 and pb-2005
-Dart big chief ll 11o #18500000
-RMRE 12o Raptor
-CFE DRCE 4.840 bore
-CFE big chief 10o

-Profiler #205
-Blue thunder thor
-IDT eliminator series
-Ford C-460
-Ford E-460

-NRC heads (predator heads)
-B1 top sportsman
-Indy 600-13

(All additional weight is added to all cubic inches of the motor , not starting at 300 inch).
OILING SYSTEM - Any oiling system is allowed. Vacuum pumps are acceptable.
VALVETRAIN - Any valvetrain may be used.
Open headers allowed.

DELIVERY SYSTEM - Fuel cells, electric fuel pumps, pressure regulators, and any line size is permitted, but the fuel pump must shut off with a master electrical switch.

FUEL - This class requires the use of one of the allowable spec fuels (as outlined in the General Rules). Mixing of fuels prohibited.
Aftermarket ignitions, magnetos, multiple-step rev limiters, electronic-conversion kits, crank triggers, and external amplifier boxes are allowed.

CARBURETORS - Carburetor is limited to a single commercially available four-barrel carburetor. Split carburetor is not allowed. Any other modifications to the carburetor are allowed. Multiple carburetor set-ups allowed with 75 lbs wieght adder.


INTAKE MANIFOLD - Restricted to commercially available cast intake manifold except as outlined. Fabricated sheet metal type intake manifold allowed but must carry .2 lbs/ci weight adder. Cast intake manifold that is externally modified in the area of the plenum and/or runners will be assessed the weight adder of a fabricated intake. Cast intake manifold may be internally modified with no weight adder.

RAM AIR - Any aftermarket or fabricated ram-air unit is allowed but it must not be visible from the exterior.
Onboard diagnostic computers and data recorders are allowed. Memory and playback tachometers are acceptable. Autometer Dual Channel Ultimate II tachometers are acceptable.

Aftermarket rack-and-pinion steering is allowed.

The following operational street equipment is required: Head lights, tail lights, and brake lights.

The front tires are limited to 4.5-inch minimum tread width. Any size DOT. or slicks allowed.

Vehicle can run under minimum base weight of 2650 lbs +2.75 lbs per cubic inch above 300 cubic inches.

• Fabricated Intake Manifold - Add .2 lbs/ci


Pre 1975 large and intermediate bodies only-deduct 50 lbs
Cars with a wheelbase in excess of 114"- deduct 50 lbs

WHEELBASE - Must retain stock wheelbase with a maximum variation from left to right and front to back of 1 inch.

WHEELS - Aftermarket wheels are permitted. A minimum width of 3.5 inches is
required on the front rims

We acknowledge that the .500 sportsman tree is not standard procedure in a heads up class, but has changed the outcome of the race as the perdiction of the winner in several occassions in past events.

Rules may be revised without notice.(can be e-mailled at [email protected]).

from the organizers of the N/A class.
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please call Andre @ 519-727-5505 if you have ANY questions. hope to see you there! :)
please call Andre @ 519-727-5505 if you have ANY questions. hope to see you there! :)
I think the guy's would like to read the rule's Tanner..your bound to forget something on the phone or possibly get the math screwed up.
All we need Andre to do is come on here and say "same rule's as 07"..then people can see if they fit the rule's and then phone him for clarification if something is not posted..It would be alot easier for the Michigan folk's or someone out of town to be able to read them first. :partyman:
I just spoke with Andre' this afternoon. The rules for the N/A class will remain the same as they were for last year. If you have any questions you can call him at his shop (519) 727 - 5505.
I just spoke with Andre' this afternoon. The rules for the N/A class will remain the same as they were for last year. If you have any questions you can call him at his shop (519) 727 - 5505.
You just saved me a phone call...thank's Mike
No problem Mark. Hey, are you going to have that heap out this year or what ?? lol
Hey Mike nice lookin' bike , have you or do you plan on going to the track? The Bike Day @ GB is on Aug 10.
No problem Mark. Hey, are you going to have that heap out this year or what ?? lol
I just bring it and park it in the pit's..pretend something went wrong with it and drink beer :p
I'll be there
I just bring it and park it in the pit's..pretend something went wrong with it and drink beer :p
I'll be there

Hey Daren. i can't make it that weekend, i'm taking the course at St.clair. I do plan on running the bike though. Hust have to make a few "MODS" lol .... Are you racing at the shootout ? The heads-up Bike/Sled class should be pretty interresting !
What were the payouts like last year? The website shows purse TBD.
Might want to try this event.
NA pays $1500 to win and is the best paying NA class around even OSCA or MILAN
hell ya try it.......its always a blast
We're gonna try to make this event.
Brand new car, still need to shake it down, this weekend hopefully.
Anybody know, can I carry canned fuel across the border without issues?
What is available at the track?
Thanks guys!
i believe as long as the fuel is in fuel cans (not drums) you should be fine. i know st. Thomas has fuel tanks on the premises, however last time we were there he said he was taking them out due to some safety B/S
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