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I have a Garrett Detroit diesel GTA42 part number: R23528059

1.15ar and .60 ar I really don't know alot about turbos I'm learning. I have been told that this is a 74.5mm inducer not sure on exducer. I'm planning on putting this turbo on a 306 10.1.1 compression motor it has 4340 eagle rotating assembly but a stock block. I know keep boost low. going to be blowthrough with air to air. I'm going to build a dart block 360ci engine later but want to play with the turbo now. I bought 2 of these from a friend. I'm planning on moving up to a bigger turbo later. It also has a split T6 housing. What can anybody tell me about this turbo?? What is the most you can expect out of it?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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