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Will this save Outlaw 10.5?

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Texas King of the Hill came up with a new set of rule last night to try and increase car counts at the events.

I call it the GMAC rules, it is no secret that Grant has found the combination that has put him so far ahead of the competition that no one else wants to play in the sand box.

So they voted and here is what is happening and in effect at the next race.

Nitrous cars will get a 100 lb weight break (2900 lbs)

Turbo cars add 100 lbs (3100 lbs)
Maximum size turbo will be an 88 MM

Will ORSCA follow suit? It seems that the two organizations have always shared rules so everyone would be legal.

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Spectator counts are low at most events due to poor marketing. The ADRL would be no different if it wasn't for the outstanding marketing of Kenny Knowling. I blame the economy and the organizations/tracks for the lack of fan turnouts. Creating restrictions to Outlaw 10.5 will do nothing to bring in more fans, most of them don't care one way or another, they just want to see cars hauling ass. They could care less if they are turbo, nitrous or gerbil powered. The runs apparently made by Mobley's guys today prove nitrous combos can still hang with any of them.
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