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This Saturday at Cecil County Street Car Shootout is shaping up to look like some records could fall. Mother Nature is looking at us very nicely this weekend. Saturday's hi will be 62 degrees and 0% of precipitation.

Jim Halsey will be handling the track prep to give everyone a shot at the record's and some person best time's at CecilCounty.

We will start at 12 noon sharp with are Sportsman classes. There will be only 2 rounds of qualifying for these classes. The Pro Classes will be starting right after qualifying is done for the sportsman classes. So that should be around between 2 and 3 o’clock. We will be running on schedule so make sure your ready to run and please come to the lanes when your class is called.

Also running will be Top Sportsman it's a $125 entry fee and will be $2500 to win with 25 cars or more.

So will the 10.5 record made last month stand after this weekend. Even Big Tire. Can Outlaw Drag radial go in the 30's and how about 275dr into the low 80’s?

It should be a great race with record times and a little tune up for next weekend Shakedown at E-Town.

Hope to see all this Saturday at Cecil County, Finishline Performance Street car Shootout.

P.S. Am hearing some guys from down south could be coming for records and a little testing....

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We are going to try to make this one, First X275 race for us at Cecil.

What time do most guys get there? I see 1st Qual for us is at 3pm.
if you can swing it... bring the trailer up on friday.

if not... get there as early as you can on saturday or you'll be pitting in the weeds

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who all is in????????
10.5 that I know of....

Tom Kasper
TJ Kasper
Richard Sexton
Chuck Ulsch
Kenny Doak
Shawn Zubler
Dale Collins
Nate Pritchett
Mo Hall
Larry Wood
Michael Martin
Billy Gordon
Joe Newsham
Steve Gorman
Anthony Disomma
Jerry Morgano
Tommy Mauro
Brain Penna
Lou Sciortino
Charlie Dolbin
Steven Kluepfel
Tom Ferrick
John Cheman
Saud Alzabin
Lewis Jones
Doug Harris
Brad Harris
Craid Pio

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Im trying to add myself to that list..... if only I didn't have to work all the time....

10.5 Hopeful...If we can drag the car down there Friday and it stays in one piece we should be back Saturday morning....


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That I know of:
Robert George Jr
Steve Drummond
Bill Dutka
Frank Soldridge
Alex Vrettos
Jesse Lambert
Vince Flore
Sal Pattel
Brian Krzewinski
We had a Blast in Aug. I'll be there !!
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