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Last night I was parking some cars in the parking garage (side fun job of mine) and at all of the elevators there was a printed letter saying that management was going to be powerwashing the upper floors (5-9th floors) for the next 3 nights.

Well there is some car thing in town and a HUGE mustang shop is there (in town), lets say it is one word and starts with B and ends with speed.

On the 5th floor is a new blue and white GT with a blower, pin on hood, nice Crager wheels ect ect. Looks like it just got detailed, had the company banner on the front glass. Later I see another for or two just as nice headed up there not to mention a new SALEEN!!!!!!!!!

I am sure they woke up to a nice suprise today :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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