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Why is it?

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That you spend $3,000.00 + For a Billet crankshaft and it never comes with a keyway?????????????????????
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Waiting on a winburg myself for my engine.... "We already have one like that roughed in, 4 weeks max..."

This was in October. Hope it comes with a key for waiting so long LOL
I order key stock from McMaster.
Me who.
Heavy hitter..................
LOL that's what my wallet thinks, it's unfortunately living in a dream world.
Good to be in the crank business....
Greg already had about 12 billets to make this winter and that's a lot for one guy... he would be way out on another one.

Winberg said 4 weeks. But, per my call yesterday with them, they are finished with the crank and waiting on my final bob....
Wow bet that weighs a lot!!
You like the bryants better Jay?
And BTW Chris, that bolt price was correct!!!!!!!!!!!

Working on a plan B as we speak! ;)
Holy smokes...
Tim when I think of a super star with all the money, you're the first guy I think of!!!! :p
1 - 10 of 57 Posts
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