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Why is it?

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That you spend $3,000.00 + For a Billet crankshaft and it never comes with a keyway?????????????????????
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My Bryant did???
Thats cause its a Pontiac and they feel sorry for
You get a new crank there Timmy?

I know neither of my Bryant cranks came with one, git keys from ATI and they are proud of those
Got one from Winberg. 5.4 Modular peice...
Waiting on a winburg myself for my engine.... "We already have one like that roughed in, 4 weeks max..."

This was in October. Hope it comes with a key for waiting so long LOL
I heard the same thing for another crank Im waiting on. Wonder if its the same thing? LOL

Its really not about getting the keystock,its you spend all the money and time waiting for it. You think they would put one in?
3.930 X 2.25 X 1.888 "in stock", just sayin'.......
Does it come with the key installed? LOL
I thought his engine was already somewhere in the 440-445 range.
Heavy hitter..................
This crank came with two. Callies billet for lsx.

And they even zip tied them for you.............
i talked with winburg and bryant today, they both told me 12 to 14 weeks on a custom billet crank
Add 12-14 weeks after that before you see it.
Bryant was exactly 10 weeks on mine....NICE!!!!!!
Thats cause your a Superstar!
I spent $4100 for a Bryant,came with keyway,but no keystock
Thats what I mean.
Tim when I think of a super star with all the money, you're the first guy I think of!!!! :p
Come on now! Im spreading the peanut butter on my sandwich as I type..........LOL
no........tony bischoff........might happen to order more than 1 a year like most of us.??
I ordered 3 Last year. No Keys in any of them...........Bryant and Winberg......

Just bitchin out loud,made the key for it today.....Now Im calm.LOL
1 - 13 of 57 Posts
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