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Why is it?

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That you spend $3,000.00 + For a Billet crankshaft and it never comes with a keyway?????????????????????
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3.930 X 2.25 X 1.888 "in stock", just sayin'.......
I thought his engine was already somewhere in the 440-445 range.
LOL that's what my wallet thinks, it's unfortunately living in a dream world.
Marriage-kids-drag racing....kinda like Bens
Pick 2 of the 3......:rolleyes:
I would stay with the Bryant!

Bryant was exactly 10 weeks on mine....NICE!!!!!!
Thats cause your a Superstar!
no........tony bischoff........might happen to order more than 1 a year like most of us.??
I ordered 3 Last year. No Keys in any of them...........Bryant and Winberg......

Just bitchin out loud,made the key for it today.....Now Im calm.LOL get back to work...:)
1 - 5 of 57 Posts
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