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Who's next??

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I notice people drive in and outta hear calling me out then running off like little bitches!!! Is there any serious street racers left??? Damn posers!!! :evil:
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Is this a Camaro thing??? Talk shit on the computer, when you know you'll losse put the race up to $5000 :smt005
I said I will do it for the original offer of $1500!! no reply!! The offer of driving to my house was made as well and I said I would meet 1/2 way<<< So thats better than the original offer.. The confirmation of proving these are street cars dont sit well with too many people..
How about everyone gets their cars running first. Take this up aging when they're dne. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!! :WGAF
Monty Mikho said:
The confirmation of proving these are street cars dont sit well with too many people..
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Monty Mikho said:
He backed out like a little sissy bitch too..
Just like you did that night at STS At mid-mich I had to lift my hood blow off. And i asked you 3 TIMES to race me OVER. AND YOU DIDNT WANT TO PUSSY :cry: :shock: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:TRUE STORY :) :) IT'S ALL FUN
u talk about gliden going 7s all the time,well who couldnt at 2400lbs. thats why he never steps up to run any outlaw 10.5 classes he couldnt compete, if we were 2400 we would be well into the 6s .hes not hat impressive
7DMACH1 said:
Here we go AGAIN!!! :smt005[/quote thanks 4 showing me site ,nothing but a bunch of pussies,who race race cars at 2400lbs,hell ill bring my altered to run these race cars its a mid 6 sec. car
Again I will take your offer of $1500 to race our street cars headsup at a cental location!!

Go build a 2400# car and run a SBF on nitrous and see if you can compete!!! The rules are open to everyone!! He took the rules and ran with them!! He dominated street style racing at 3000#'s as well!!! The rules said the SB can run at 2400#'s and he did just that!!! Show me the money!!!
Who's hidding?? please read the posts before posting!! I have now told the man I will take him up on his $1500 offer to race heads up with our street cars!!! This is the 4th time now!!
GPC MALIBU asked where the Crunchster was, that's who I was talking about!!!! :butthead:
61 - 79 of 79 Posts
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