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Who's coming to Milan tomorrow June 3rd??

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Whos going?
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I'll be there with my by buddy, Bubba, who is also a member here. We's gonna' be spektatin'.
I'll be there. Before the last event I tested, checked everything on the car, and came prepared. The car ran for 1.5 seconds and broke. I'm looking to at least double last month's performance and run for 3 seconds.

I'll be the guy in the pits with the candles, bloody chicken, doing the Milan Voo Doo dance. I need to break this curse!
Jim, keep Monty away and everything should be OK!! :-D
:evil: :evil: No it wont!!! I threw chicken head in his intercooler!!! :evil: :evil:
Yes Chris U., We'll be there, With Car I don't know yet. Working on it now. Talk to everyone in the Pits. Jim, I'll will be carrying Silver Bullets and a Wooden Stake in Case Monty touches your Car.
Dogg.... Stay home and work on your F%^&*ng car! Oh and Undy.... Milan is in Ohio... LMFAO..... :smt005
I'll be there most likely...just spectating though.
F.RIZZO @ Milan Friday Night

Hey Monty come over by Powski's trailer.

We will be pitted w/him

If not It should not be hard to find me.
I speed I pop wheelies I'm good baby!

I'll stop by for sure.. How often does someone get to meet Frank Rizzo in a lifetime?
I'm just hopin the car runs good or my temper will flare up like a pack of hemroids,then I will be forced to wack back a quick six pack just to calm my nerves.
Make that a 3 pack.. I want 3!!! :-D
I don't think I'm going to go tonight. I was in thrash mode on the car last night and now I have a list of things I need to get done on it tonight. Plus it's looking like rain. We'll see.
Rain :shock: Lets not talk like that.
21 - 33 of 33 Posts
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