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Who's coming to Milan tomorrow June 3rd??

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Whos going?
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Maybe, where Milan??
I'll be there as a spectator.... unfortunately. Hopefully fire this pile of parts up Saturday. Who do I look for to me you Monty?? The dude with the camera?

You going Chuck?
C'mon out Brian. We'll shoot the bull. We'll race our mouths since we don't have anything else to race.

Milan is in Michigan. :-D
underdog said:
Maybe, where Milan??
Dog I can't get anything by you :roll: read the heading of the thread!!! :-D
Chris, I will be the arab looking dude at the starting line with a camera... Jimmy Biggs will be the guy in the pits with all the fancy video stuff... :D
I'll wear a turban so you can see me.. :lol:
LMFAO @ Monty, He'll be the turban wearing, holding a camera in one hand and the other around his 500lb girlfriend Birtha, LOL :-D

No honestly Chris, just look for the richest looking person there with a flock of horney women following him around for autographs and
you'll find him.
Yeah I'll be the guy next to him :roll:
Is tank going?
Im not sure.. I didnt call him yet.. Bring hooters.. Jimmy can interview her..
Hooters doesn't need to be on any more video footage, LMFAO :shock: :-D
I'm going!!
You brining your 65 Scott or are you a spectator too??
I am bringing the car! I made a couple changes during the week, so it should be a good test session. :?

If all goes well, we are going to the OSCA race in Canada Saturday and Sunday!
Chris, is Butch coming or is he going to BG?

No Butch headed out today for BG.... car is ready to win a race, hopefully.
Speaking of testing, how is Milan as far as testing on an event night ? Also, how are they as far as tech (still no cage) I would like to get in a couple of test passes, and in all honesty, I don't really know what it will run....... :roll:
Run the Open Comp program. Its a bracket style setup but they will let you test if everything is going good. This event should have a pretty good turnout in cars.. So no one can really say how many test passes you will get. Best bet is to enter the bracket race. Who knows you may win...
Can't make it this week. TrickFlow wanted to borrow my car for the Super Summit Show on sat June 4th.
I still want to come though! I'm sure I will make it sometime this year!!!!!!

Is anyone going to the Summit Racing Show?
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