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Though I am not a BillG nut-hugger (though I have nothing bad to say about him) I do think this race would be fair.

Glidden in a PS GTO with 499ci of Glidden power on spray
Lynch/Petty with their larger BB and turbos w/ a bit more weight

On any given day......

Anyone can win. Billy wasn't supposed to be the hitter he is in ADRL with the small-block and he is covering cars with almost x2 cubic inches and a LOT more money. Bill and Shannon do it out of their shop and not a whole company and cast behind them (other than the Bullet).

I think it'd be fair and one the fans would want to see. I'd run them 1/8th and take the show on the road to tracks everywhere. Show the community that one combo or another isn't 'THE' was to go and you can still do your own thing and be competitive (though perhaps not in the same league as these folks).
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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