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Who will win Milan on the 24th?

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N/A = Chris Uratchko
10.5 = Dan Millen
RWTB = Don Walsh
Bikes = BusaGirl
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Monty Mikho said:
A top fuel looking thing ran 6.0 lifting around the 900 foot mark.. They didnt get another run in all night..
I think it was a .10 monty but close. 230-240 mph and yeh he got off it. Actually, I believe it was a she. PMS express. lol
Did you happen to see the blonde in that other dragster? DAMN!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
NPS Nova said:
Jg said:
Well, there are some guys in RWYB that have laid down 6.40s. I doubt your buddy is going to put .3 on that.
Just have to remember that RWYB class allows for "other" style of cars, correct! He does have a "PRO OUTLAW" car. He's been 6.108 with his older '89 chassis. Reason he's not ready now as there was a "little problem" with the new chassis which intern made too much boost and broke a Clevor block and Kobelco blower in half!! But in all honesty the car should be in the 5's as the new chassis is a little lighter and much better suited for the motor.

Chris, he's a cleveland guy too. 8)
So who is he? Why the big secret about him?
Monty Mikho said:
Did you happen to see the blonde in that other dragster? DAMN!!! :shock: :shock: :shock:
Briefly...but I liked what I saw.
Yeah I only looked once...

for around 8 hours.. :shock:
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His name is Jeff Chatterson. Not some famous guy, but he is well know. He went out and bought a new carbon car with mono wing and left in the old motor just to see the difference in the two chassis. The new chassis has more flex than his T/F chassis and had some problems. But it did .940 60' on the first pass. Best with the old chassis was .99. So with that, were looking for a 6.0? The new motor has a better set of heads Blue Thunder heads and not the old style C302B's that he has been using. He ran the IHRA Pro Outlaw class before it was replaced with Top Stock. 8)
well I would like to see globo on 2 stages win the 10.5 class, gotta vote for the fellow NPS.

as for RWYB what about the blue angel dragster that is out at milan alot, for 5K I would hope we see somthing in the stupid fast zone like 5.99
Where are we all meeting anyway? Out of sheer curiosity, I want to put names with faces!
IF we get the parking spot me and my buddies will be in the white F-350 between the last stands and top end, backed up to the fence..

just stop by and say whats up.
I'm gonna try and park Friday in that loop near the front of the stands close to the staging lanes.... if anyone wants a good spot they better get there friday. Some Chrysler club is going to be there Sat, and with all the other classes they are running Sat. it's going to be a very packed pit area.
Alright, see you guys there. Look for the fat dude with a bad limp! :(
Damn.. Umm.... The fat dude walking around with a blonde.
Oh, you mean THAT guy,the one that kept following me?
21 - 36 of 36 Posts
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