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Im a member of the Dave Bowman/David Schwarz/Artis Houston/Lonnie/Armen/John Wall (whoever is doing better/has more beer) nuthugger club. I will be the guy running the silver Lambor-feeties, with the T-shirt on.


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If I actually have the car done, it will either be hot street or wild street. won't be anywhere near competitive, I just want to get the car out to test.

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We will be there running Outlaw 10.5

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We will be there running Outlaw 10.5
:supz: cant wait to see the outlaw turnout for this year. seeing glidden and pappas for first time was cool as shit... hopefully a full field of the baddest mofos in the land show to this race to see how they can throw down on one of the best tracks in the country. That has teath like a monster, when its cool out.

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for those that hadn't heard much about this race its awsome and getting bigger and better every year. here is that final qualifying order from last years race
Street Car Super Nationals PSCA Racing
Las Vegas, Nevada

November 3, 2007

Final Qualifying Order after 4 rounds

Hughes Performance

Driver E/T Speed

L. Frank [email protected]
D. Radford [email protected]
J. Mihovetz [email protected]
D. Gosforth [email protected]
C. Hairston [email protected]
C. Samuel [email protected]
T. Lowe [email protected]
B. Harper [email protected]
B. Griffith [email protected]
G. Gentile [email protected]
B. Personette [email protected]
J. Mock [email protected]
J. Syverston [email protected]
S. Matusek [email protected]
R. Kay [email protected]
B. Bunker [email protected]
J. Dickey [email protected]
R. Walker [email protected]
G. Nevarez [email protected]
V. Demieri [email protected]
C. Gosforth [email protected]
M. Bowman [email protected]
M. Moran [email protected]
M. Burney [email protected]
E. Thornton [email protected]
K. Kuns [email protected]
A. Hodges [email protected]
R. Burbage [email protected]
G. Richards [email protected]
J. Scialpi [email protected]
B. Lane [email protected]
D. Sangha [email protected]
C. Sikes [email protected]
D. Reed [email protected]
M. Moffett [email protected]
B. Towne [email protected]
K. Bluebaugh [email protected]
T. Kane [email protected]
R. Ward [email protected]
R. Pope [email protected]
M. Frost [email protected]
A. Ibarra [email protected]
S. Bailey [email protected]

Outlaw Street

Driver E/T Speed

S. Pappas [email protected]
B. Glidden [email protected]
R. Zehring [email protected]
M. Baltzell [email protected]
R. Weems [email protected]
S. Zeinaty [email protected]
G. Sethunter [email protected]
D. Mozink [email protected]
J. Taylor [email protected]
L. Freeman [email protected]
R. Oxford [email protected]
R. Lummus [email protected]
S. Grow [email protected]
A. Marino [email protected]
C. Kephart [email protected]
E. Soto [email protected]
C. Strolie [email protected]
T. Parariso [email protected]

Deed’s Performance
X-Treeme Radial

Driver E/T Speed

R. Holder [email protected]
S. Short [email protected]
R. Hoyle [email protected]
R. Stenersen [email protected]
J. McClean [email protected]
R. Morris [email protected]
J. Buettner [email protected]
M. Schmidt [email protected]
B. Dunnaway [email protected]
B. Frye [email protected]
B. Macey [email protected]
S. Oksas [email protected]
S. Schwab [email protected]
E. Whipple [email protected]

AMP Performance
Hot Street

Driver E/T Speed

J. Bundrant [email protected]
D. Bott II [email protected]
M. Demayo [email protected]
A. Dunron [email protected]
V. Brum [email protected]
G. Mitchell [email protected]
M. Pritlhand [email protected]
B. Bobbett [email protected]
J. Mitchell [email protected]
K. Schertz [email protected]
E. Herrera [email protected]
C. Madsen [email protected]
G. Brandt [email protected]

Mickey Thompson
Wild Street

Driver E/T Speed

D. Bowman [email protected]
D. Figueroa [email protected]
C. Groves [email protected]
G. Dieterich [email protected]
D. Pfnister [email protected]
D. Hubbard [email protected]
G. Raygoza [email protected]
L. Hanna [email protected]
S. Zienaty [email protected]
A. Dickson [email protected]
K. Young [email protected]
B. Kopp [email protected]
E. Peterson [email protected]
A. Houston [email protected]
P. Bartlett [email protected]
K. Wallauer [email protected]
J. Hacker [email protected]
E. Eddy [email protected]
F. Macette [email protected]
M. Sasina [email protected]
R. Bohanan [email protected]
A. Maghdessian [email protected]
W. Grosse [email protected]
J. Gallagher [email protected]
D. Murray#2 [email protected]
D. Murray#1 [email protected]
T. Rigby [email protected]
R. Neese [email protected]
D. McKindley [email protected]
T. Meyer [email protected]
P. Rohr [email protected]
D. Topol [email protected]

its blingtiffic™
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I'll be the there ridin the pine with all the other Bowman ****!

its blingtiffic™
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You're gonna be able to watch me get drunk and act afool! What more could you ask for??? :-D
Sounds like just another Thursday at the Burns household
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