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I have to make the decision which kind of lifter to use:
The lobe lift will be over .580" the valve lift will be 1.100"
The came core will be 65mm
Spring pressure will be around 400/1100 lbs...

Up to now I was using Jesel DLC coated only, because of their superior quality and close tolerances.
The possibilities are (all .850 wheel ):

1. JESEL .937 keyway lifter
View attachment 55426
2. XCELDYNE. 937 keyway lifter
View attachment 55424

3. Cam FX 1.062 keyway lifter View attachment 55425

Thx in advance

Either will work. We have used a lot of Jesel with zero issues. Xceldyne has lifters in 40% of the NASCAR Cup cars so it's proven at least in that arena.
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