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which fuel is beter for N2O out of the C-16...Q-16... or the Max NOS??????
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82 views and nothing?????? lol! i would have thought someone has done some experimenting with these fuels. i know i have just wanted to get some other insight of what people found to work beter for them.
depends on the application.

Q-16 if you only spraying smaller amounts and/or jet limited (by rules)
NO2 or C-23 if you lean on it
c-16 if you can't get NO2 and c-23 is too spendy for you
What's the application? Compression, amount of hp on motor and amount of hp you are trying to shoot...........
i used q16 it hard to read go to c16 on a big spray 250 hp or more trust me q16 is good for a all motor or turbo or a small shot of nitrous .
im running a SBC w/ about 13.8-1 comp. i have a big shot plate jetted at 91/91 with 5.75 ffp. i pull 8* out from 36 total. i know it might sound like its not enough but the plugs look good as far as timing goes and i might need to lean the fp out a little to 5.5. ive ran Rocket 114, C-16, and the Max Nos. ive never tried the Q-16 bu tive seen alot of hype on here about it so was just wondering what the best choice was so i can tune the car to it and stick with it. im curently on a C-16 tune. should i just stay with it???
dont tune with fuel pressure,,c-16 has worked at all spray levels with us for 30 years,,you can run 20 percent rich on fuel if the setup is correct and keep your et s ,,its all a balance act,,feed the bowls with high volume and low pressure fuel,,ya dont want the fuel spraying in the bowels as it frothes the fuel...gimmi a call josh
Josh,,C-16 has been fine in all our spray mtrs for 30 years.Dont play with fuel pressure as a tuning aid filling float bowls,too much pressure and the small bowl jets causes frothing in the bowls,which starves the main jets.I run very large bowl needle sets and 5 psi fuel,,the fuel should flow into the bowls not spray.You can run you fuel 20 percent heavy with the n20 setup and stay at your working et number with every thing set up correctly,We retarded or timing in high gear down track ,back to 11 degees and picked up tq and mph.I ad a second fuel pump on the n20 system down track with the timing retard also,,,the combustion chambers are hot and they burn up the heavy fuel charge with the extra retard ,,feels like a afterburner effect. c-16 is fine for all
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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