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Which cam for a 468 bbc . The car weighs 2900lbs with driver , has 990 gm heads (ported) victor jr intake , 4:11 gears , stalls at about 5600 , turbo 400, 13:1 comp on alcohol rons toilet, and has a current 60' of 1.45 . The car currently runs 10.25 @ 4000' @ 129.5 mph .

The cam I am currently running is a 50225 lun solid roller .722 in/.722ex and duration is 280 in/284 ex at .050 110 lobe sep .

I am hoping to get into the high 9s is it possible with a cam change or can anyone see a bottleneck with anything else . I know the heads are not the best but I am hoping to hold off till I buy a bigger mill .

thanks ,

sorry to hijack, but i have a setup similar to this but i have a glide and a 29.5 tire. what gear ratio should i use? mainly 1/8 mile racing but would like to be able to run the 1/4. thanks for any help.
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