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What's up with all the Bad Blood threads that have been posted lately?
I mean we have CAPPS wants to take 1slowmopars ride from him, everybody wants to beat the hell out of JustinP. Then we have the good ole boys that are just trying to make a living (Jim Geese, Billyman, Spiro etc) and fell on hard times.

Maybe YB should try to help/teach these guys a better way instead of wanting to tie them to the truck and drag them around awhile.

The YB ladies auxilliary could put on a bake sale, crafts an shit to donate the money to these guys that have failed. All the guys could donate parts etc. This would help put these people on the right road versus ousting them which would only lead to more deceit, hardships for others. YB could then become one big wholesome family....

Never mind, phuck them thieving bastards. Drag them around!

JustinP - Dead Man, drill some holes in his phucking teeth & fingers!

CAPPS, take the phuckin **** car!!!

Is today Monday :smt102

jk lmao
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