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Where was everybody ?????????????????/

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All i read anymore around here is Dave don't do this, don't do that.....We like the rules the way they are, blah blah blah.

Well once again cecil and Dave O do a great job listening to what everybody says yet the car counts were sad. :-damnit

Dave, I say let anybody run the 12.00 classes and 10.00 classes no matter what size tire they have or what the frame is as long as they are street cars and DOT tires and when the car counts are to big maybe then make some rules.

Thanks Dave O and Cecil for the effort.
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Guys, its a tough time right now in ALL of motorsports. It is cool that the directors and owners do take the time to listen and try their best to accomodate, but there is no doubt, counts are down everywhere, regardless of what you do, it isnt going to fix being broke. Hats off to Dave and Jimmy, as far as that kind of venue, they ARE the BEST show in town. We are all just seeing these waves of poor car counts for what seems like no reason at all, it is nothing more than the economy. Best thing you can do is to establish a good set of rules and stand by them, dont bend anymore than you have to, and just wait this thing out. When the money comes back around and they aready to race again, they will have respect for you, for standing your ground and not catering to everyone, just offer it and stick to it and eventually all of these rough times will blow over and it WILL get good again. Just wait and see. But Jimmy and Dave are the only ones out there down on the playing field trying their hardest to make what works.

just my .02,
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Well when things do come around I know one track that will be on top of the rest. Cecil County, they just know how to relate with the racers, because they are racers. Everyone just needs to stick it out and hang in there. This economy took awhile to get this screwed up, there is no way we can fix it overnight but its gettin better. Cudo's to those who make the effort to make the events and support our form of racing here in the Northeast/midatlantic area.

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