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Where was everybody ?????????????????/

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All i read anymore around here is Dave don't do this, don't do that.....We like the rules the way they are, blah blah blah.

Well once again cecil and Dave O do a great job listening to what everybody says yet the car counts were sad. :-damnit

Dave, I say let anybody run the 12.00 classes and 10.00 classes no matter what size tire they have or what the frame is as long as they are street cars and DOT tires and when the car counts are to big maybe then make some rules.

Thanks Dave O and Cecil for the effort.
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I got there to late, but I seen the NJ boys were well represented, that includes you Mikey, congrats on the win by the way.
How about another class ? Prostreet and Superstreet ? You get real good car counts in both of those classes. This would make everyone happy. If its all about car count this would help.
All of us have many hours in tuning and setting our suspensions up to fit the criteria in the rules to run index classes. Any prostreet or superstreet racers are more than welcome to race with us if your car fits in the rules. I used to run the superstreet class 2 years ago but gave up the bracket racing for the heads up, alot more fun and interesting.
Not trying to beat a dead horse guys about the big tire cars but who cares if they race with us. If its a true "prostreet" car and runs exhaust on dot tires maybe limited to a ladder bar car no 4 link cars, no lettering on the car, stock appearing dash and steering column with two front seats and carpet let them run. They arent bracket cars. It would help out the class. I hope to see it continue instead of fade away.
I think he meant addind a bracket class to the existing program man.

I say give it a little time - it will grow over the next couple years.

Get your car fixed yet?
Oh yea, car never stays broke, its loaded and ready for atco next thursday as long as my money holds out
1 - 3 of 25 Posts
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