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Where was everybody ?????????????????/

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All i read anymore around here is Dave don't do this, don't do that.....We like the rules the way they are, blah blah blah.

Well once again cecil and Dave O do a great job listening to what everybody says yet the car counts were sad. :-damnit

Dave, I say let anybody run the 12.00 classes and 10.00 classes no matter what size tire they have or what the frame is as long as they are street cars and DOT tires and when the car counts are to big maybe then make some rules.

Thanks Dave O and Cecil for the effort.
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I showed up yesterday. With the problems I've had with the car, it would have made sense to stay closer to home and test, instead I hauled my ass nearly 2 hours to keep car count up and lose in the 1st round. Car count is off everywhere. Our own series is off by almost half of it's normal participation.
75/80 runs their 9'' Nightmares (6.50 1/8 mile Index) every Friday night, and pay $400. to win. Guys aren't having to travel or buy a 2nd set of tires(most run a 9'' slick) to race once a month at another series. I have offered bonuses to our racers if they show up at Cecil and win, and it seems it's only 3 of us that are willing to make the drive. In fairness, some of our guys come from Va. and Pa., so their drive is even further than mine.I Don't have the answers to this one.
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