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Just got a new top end setup for the new motor Im putting together,
looking for a Valley Tray to go on the motor,
I got Pro King Heads and the intake manifold I have for it sits up high and does not have a valley tray piece to it
its very similar to this
just wondering where you would get one of these or what companys make them
Also looking for intake manifold spacers
the intake manifold I got with the heads is for an 8.2 deck motor Im using a 9.5 deck motor (Intake was originally built for 9.5 deck motor and the guy I got it from before had it cut down to fit his setup)
So Im looking for a place or company that makes spacers to go underneath them
I cant buy a new intake manifold because they dont make one for the CFE Pro King heads the one I got with the heads was a custom made 2 piece manifold, so I dont want to have a new custom intake manifold made if I can just get spacers for them
if anyone knows where to get these please pm me on here or post it up
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