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Roush Competition Engines
12447 Levan Rd. B-6
Livonia MI 48150
I second that recommendation. The last block I had that needed a sleeve was done at Roush and it was done right.

I've had other sleeves installed at what is generally considered to be THE "High-End" machining source & the result was repeated incidents of extruding the sleeve through the bottom of the bores when the head & gasket were clamped on. This was the result of step-cutting the sleeve OD with a 45° tool instead of either installing a flanged sleeve or cutting the step with a 90° tool. Paid for it twice, and twice it failed. The Roush installation was spot-on perfect and has been no trouble in extreme endurance racing for almost 2 seasons.

Ben, I would love to be sending more work to your shop but daytime work has put a significant dent in my customer racing project activities. Prices were extremely fair, the workmanship on everything was excellent, and I was handled by a staff that has high-level professionalism. This is a combination that is not easy to find and I appreciated it immensely.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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