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Where the Mopars in Heads Up Outlaw Racing and Grudge Racing.

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I know a lot of guys run Mopars in Sanctioned Organizations , but in Outlaw racing and grudge racing its like do they even exist.
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They must be extinct or on the endangered species list because of no response
They are out there-Brian Hicks 10'5 challenger ,Dean ,known as Go Green on the bullet has a cuda that has been 6'90s in 10'5 trim,MoparChris truck low 7's ,there are pently of guys out there ,they just have to work harder to run that fast cause Walmart doesn't carry their parts on the selves like they do the ford and chevy stuff.
im building a 543 chrysler to go in a 01 mustang and its gonna be a l/s grudge car.. but im having a hard time finding all the parts... on a budget
Congrats Jimmy on that Shakedown run,just saw that ,that's AWESOME!
Congrats Jimmy on that Shakedown run

Thanks was a long time coming.

Ever priced "go fast" Mopar stuff?

Yeap twice :rolleyes::rolleyes:
They're a dominant force in pro mod, but assuming you're thinking other than blown hemi's......if they're out there, they're mostly on the DNQ list. :rolleyes:

Yeap twice :rolleyes::rolleyes:
That's funny right there!
Mopar guys are more worried about the "numbers matching" thing than racing, theres also a serious lack of parts when it comes to going fast.
The few Mopars I do see are blown , as far as nitrous in small tire racing or grudge non at all.
I believe there's a pretty nasty mopar powered nitrous pro-mod down south here....

Edvis' car is no slouch.
Yeah, well there is a another Duster headed your way shortly... I'm busting my ass trying to get it finished.
The few Mopars I do see are blown , as far as nitrous in small tire racing or grudge non at all.
Were out there...just can,t afford to go to your neck of the woods.
I just pretend
We are out there.Just got to know were to look!!!!
Definately hard to find good go fast parts. Hemis are the cats meow for turbo and blower combos. Nitrous combos suffer from a lack of head choices. Indy, B1, and Predator are about your only choices for a bigblock and a Mopar W8 or W9 is all you really have for smallblocks. But the W8 and W9 heads are better than probably 90 percent of the available ford and chevy online heads.
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