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every year i bust Donalds ball's for no boost race, and i dont see anyone speaking up except myself and Francis johnson this year where are all you guy's there has to be some of you left :-damnit.
post up you names................let the sponsor know there are some left,they cant all be blower car now :smt023
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No-Boost for now! LOL!

Planning on coming down in February and October if everything goes well. Not real sure about the May race yet.
1. Bob/Jason Giannelli - SB Powered Fast Freddy Fairmont!
2. Keith Matheson
3. Pete Cheverre (running O/L- 275 & No Boost?)
4. Richie Stine
5. Chad Henderson
6. Francis Johnson
7. Ricky Fox
8. Jason Richards
9. Jason Black
10. Kevin Giblin
11. Dave Boger (O/L- 275 and No Boost?)
12. Gerald Dyer
13. Malibu Mitch
14. Big Lo (Angelo Graham) (car is for sale???)
15. Greg Trotta
16. Randy Blackmon????
17. Steven Montgomery????
18. Smookie Hall????
19. Buddy Tippett
20. Jimmy Dodaro
21. Ron Hamby
22. Dan Kroll
23. Bruce Roberts/Eric Kenward???
24. J.Balls
25. Gary Bunch
26. George Baker
27. Brian Painter/JOSHUA Knight
Come on man, I thought you knew me by now.:p Adam has the 67 Camaro X275 car.
1 - 2 of 53 Posts
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