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every year i bust Donalds ball's for no boost race, and i dont see anyone speaking up except myself and Francis johnson this year where are all you guy's there has to be some of you left :-damnit.
post up you names................let the sponsor know there are some left,they cant all be blower car now :smt023
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They came to there senses and went with BOOOOST
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shit i hope not,whats next they,ll all buy mustangs:-Daw
here i am , here i am .....................well it runs like a N/A car !!!!!:smt081
well hopefully,some of these guy's will be there in Feb to carry on.i dont know if we will have our new engine in,feb is cutting it kinda close.but do we really want this to die. like monte said

"Nitrous cars are not dead, lets just make sure we give them a place to race and they will come".
turbo cars go faster, sound better, are more fun to watch (and drive) and they dont require a 6 cowl/scoop combo or a frankenstein lexan box coming out the hood. dumb question
they should go faster, twice the power, and the only whining sound you hear is them whining about how heavy they got to be,because of all the power,and they are still lite.:butthead: :supz:wha wha i only got 2000 rear wheel hp, and have to weigh 50lbs more:axe:
NO-BOOST!!!! What's the latest Bob G?
at this rate i will really need those sticker's you keep saying your sending:(
In the mail Bob! (And yes they are addressed to you this time)
wo hoo.........................thanks
Now to see where you put them on the car......committed or dedicated?
dont they go on the glove box door:p

ew, ew, i know under the hood with the Mr gasket sticker:butthead:
Right next to your Accel Super Coil!
why you lookin under there,:rolleyes:
1 - 10 of 53 Posts
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