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This news service "TOMONEWS" is great. The animation is priceless, filling in all the finer details of the hefty-sized participants:

Amy Brown was arrested Sunday after the man escaped from their motel room in Lynnwood, Washington, where she allegedly attacked him, police claim. The 24-year-old allegedly told authorities that she wanted to be a serial killer and had written a note she planned to leave on the man’s body after killing him, according to KTLA.
Brown also allegedly claimed that she planned on eating the man’s heart,
The man, 29, is in good condition at a local hospital and told police he met Brown for a date through a Craigslist ad he made, according to KIRO andThe Seattle Times. On Sunday the pair got a room at a local motel and while they were talking, Brown allegedly asked the man if he was a serial killer.
He said he wasn’t and she allegedly climbed on top of him and announced, “Well, I’m a serial killer,” the station reports.
Brown then allegedly grabbed a pocket knife and began stabbing him, according to KOMO News. The man managed to escape and call 911. According to the Times, the man told police he had created the Craigslist post for “friendship and possibly dating,” not sex.
During police questioning, Brown appeared to be emotionless, according to local news reports. When asked what happened by an officer, she allegedly said, “I’m a loon.”
On Tuesday, a Snohomish County judge ordered her held on $1 million bail for attempted murder, jail records state. It is unclear whether she has been formally charged or has retained an attorney.
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