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Wheels, Springs and Shocks?

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I'm building a 82 camaro and was curious what shocks most stock suspension guys are running on a third gen front and rear?

I'm also curious about a good starting point for springs, I'm running a big block chevy in the car with a turbo 400 and 315/60.

Would there be any advantage on running a 315/60 on a 12 inch wheel vs a 10?

A few simple questions, all comments and opinions are welcome. Just curious to see what the other entry level racers are running. :lol:

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I'd ditch the 400 and go with a glide, much more manageable with all that BB torque. If you can fit the 12 inch rim on the car by all means use it, I've seen the shorter wall 325 fit on 12 nicely and it gets a much better contact patch. Shocks are critical on drag radial cars, double adjustable AFCO's, Strange, or QA-1. ( I listed them in price order from the most $$ to the less $$) Jim could probably point you in the right direction for the springs.

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Get moroso trick springs, most of the time the heavy small block are the best to use.
Should I convert the front to coil overs?

Are you running coil overs on the rear powski? They are allowed around here, I'm pretty sure if I mini tubed the car and went with coil overs a 12 inch wheel would fit, but I'm not sure if its worth the trouble.

Does anyone have an average weight for a third gen with a bbc? I'm allowed to run at 3200 with nitrous, FWIW.

I have stock springs and a double adjust shock.
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