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What's up with IHRA?

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Fans ain't going to get much of a show in Canada this weekend.

Only 14 Pro Stock and 9 Pro Mods.

I can remember when there used to be over 30 of each trying to make 16 car fields.
Not that long ago.
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no doubt about it, getting worse. BUT no matter how low the car counts, they are still charging gate fees in excess of 55 bucks (120 for the weekend) in canada. stupid part about it is i bet 35,000 people go throughout the weekend. since they axed the second ontario race in cayuga, its all there is. no nhra, no other chance to see nitro, etc. i'd argue it will make more money than 2 or 3 american ihra races.

i stopped going to the grand bend race... im not paying that kind of coin for one day for 7 fuel cars, no nitro funnys, and a bus that shoots fireworks.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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