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What's up with IHRA?

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Fans ain't going to get much of a show in Canada this weekend.

Only 14 Pro Stock and 9 Pro Mods.

I can remember when there used to be over 30 of each trying to make 16 car fields.
Not that long ago.
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When the boss says we dont need ya we dont want ya why would you come?instead lets replace them with circus acts:rolleyes:Aaron:the only class we need is top fuel:rolleyes:when the ADRL blows by them.I knew it was over the day norwalk announced it would go to NHRA:( and neither have been the same since.The last world nationals was one of the best races ive been to in my life with 50 or 60 pro mods and 30 or 40 pro stocks and a 6.80 bump in top sportsman:)man them were the dayz.I remeber me and my dad walking through the sportsman pits talkin to super stock freinds and they called 8.90 and there were cars backed up past the scoreboards on the bud side.The whole race felt like the last one and it was:(dumbass IHRA
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