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Jimmy if you really want to build something you should make up your mind about a brand first.
If you want to build a Ford then I would suggest a fox bodied Mustang from 79 to 04. Plenty of parts available and cars in the bone yards. Plus after market stuff is really cheap.
If you want to build a Chevy then you need to look at the 79 and up Camaro. Plenty of parts, good after market stuff, bone yards are full of them and the prices are very cheap.
Not quite sure what the Mopar camp has but I'm sure some of the early Dart's / Duster's or "A" bodied cars are faily cheap to build.

I would tend to think that a Grand National would be a cool car to have but the prices are too high. Plus if you fuck it up it's gone, Would like to have an "X" in the garage for resale in about 40 years. I think it's more of a collecter car than a car you would beat the snot out of. Plus Camaro's and Mustang's are disposable!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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