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I don’t follow the USA pot stocks as much as i should but after my ACB stock started going down last year I got out. After the original good gains the growers are going to see a lot of m&a but what I got into was the cannabis extraction stocks. These are what the 2.0 market is all about and has huge growth potential. Think about how the infused drink market will grow, never mind edibles, concentrates and whatever else they come up with. A lot of people do not want to smoke pot, a lot like to eat or drink it for health reasons. These stocks are all down right now but are cheap and great upside. Personally though I think the market will test lows at least once more. If you are only looking for USA stocks, look into cannabis extraction, it is where the action is going to be.

i am into these Canadian extract stocks.

MediPharm Labs Corp.. TSE: LABS

The Valens Company (TSXV: VLNS) | Cannabis Transformed.. TSE: VLNS

Cannabis Distillation Extraction Canada | Cannabis Investors | Solutions. CNSX:OILS
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