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Would like opinions on what type/brand./size of slick to use on my dart.
3000 lbs, torqueflite, 4.56 gears, best of 8.779 @ 153 mph, 1 262 best 60 ft with M/T radial slicks(didn't last thirty passes!!!) 528 cube injected alky motor, need to drop the rpm down some so i need all the hieght i can get. I have used 33.6 x 15.1 zx 15 goodyears, run tubeless, and that is absolutely all i have for section width clearance, 18 inchs. Best 60 ft with those tires was 1.280 if i recall, but that was yanking the front out of the beams real hard, so i figure it was about the same compared to the 1.262, due to loss of rollout.
I leave off a trans brake at about 5000 against a 6400 stall converter, and the car has a touch too high center of gravity, and pitch rotates very hard with 50.5 percent of the wieght on the rear. I have tried 4000, which leaves a little slow for a pro tree.
Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, Greg
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