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What size a/r

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This is for a local 10.5 class.
02 camaro on 275s
The new X275 88 turbo
10.5:1 [email protected]
Solid roller, probably spinning to 8k max.

Not sure what A/R to get this turbo to make it right? All suggestions are welcome with a reason why. I really like learning about this stuff.
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I am getting ready to order the same turbo. It is the precision X275 with the thumper large frame turbine G trim.
My engine is a 427.
I am thinking I will go with the 1.0 AR
It may cause backpressure issues on the big end but the heads up stuff I want to run is the X275 1/8th mile. I run a half dozen 8.90 index races but my car is clowning at 8.90 and am not worried about backpressure or maximizing the 1/4 mile for internet time slip racing.
What do you think?
Sorry for the thread jack. If I was the OP with 50 less cubes I would be looking hard at the smaller AR
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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