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What should I do? T5 swap to C4

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in a mustang ...What all needs to be changed ? crossmember , driveshaft, any other stuff?
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No, no & no
Swap em and bolt it all in. Easy swap,if you need parts lemme know,I have a 3500stall converter,tci valvebody,case with guts that needs gone through.
Crossmember - ground off the tack welds and repostion Driveshaft - I used a Steeda spacerPedals - I looked for auto pedals but ended up just tucking the clutch pedal under the carpet, maybe I'll fid an auto set one day and swap it.
Swap the flywheel for the correct balanced flexplate, shifter, trans, converter. Depending on what exhaust you have now it may need to be changed.
Thanks for the info , Looks like this may happen sooner than i thought
I also tucked my clutch pedal under the carpet. So I still have to push on the pedal to start the car cause of the neutral safety switch and I also have a safety switch on my shifter. My little security system. Lol.
My exhaust fite with no issues, small bell C4
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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