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So, as most of you guys know, I threw a couple rods in my Nova this spring and have been trying to get some parts together and get it fixed.

Bought a Rodeck Block, Kryptonite Crank, and Brooks Rods off a guy to get the thing back together.

Got all the parts, finally got the cash together to get them to the machine shop and have the machine work done and start assembly.

This is what I found so far... The crankshaft has several stress cracks in two or three journals.

The block has different size sleves with one of they held in place by dowel pins. The main caps are warped so it is pretty much useless to me.

The rods are brand new, but are too short for my combo.

I spoke with the guy I got the stuff from and he actually seemed pretty good about it so far. Says he will give me my money back but it will take a little time to get the money together. He had bought the stuff and never used it.

I am out a couple hundred bucks in machine work and having everything checked out.

I will have to keep everyone updated on how this goes... All I know is I need to get my $$$ back so I can get my car back together.

At this point it wont be finished before the end of the season... All I can hope is that I get my money back and I have it ready for next year.

That or I am going to sell the Rolling Chassis, or try to trade it for a Turn Key RED or Altered... I will still finish the motor, but I am going to hang on to it.

Anyone looking for a 25.4 Round Tube Nova with a Clear Title, or know someone who has a Turn Key Trade offer?
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