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My buddys car keep getting slower and slower every time we go to the track

99 Mustang GT
Built 2v
stroked to 302
.550 lift cams duration unknown
sct handheld( we can pull/add timing but can only pull out 6 % of fuel)
11-1 compression

nx big carbon fiber solienoids
nitrous pills .73/fuel .41
a/f were 9.6 on the hit and gradually went to 10.2

next pill setup .73/.38
a/f were 10.2 on the hit and went to 10.8 i think.

next pill setup .73/.36
10.8 on the hit and went to 11.2/11.3 this is the best its seen a/f wise since it started running like shit.

originally was running 7.10s- 7.20s at 100 mph give or take a few each pass

since it started running bad its just got slower and mph keep getting worse. last night with the .73/.36 pills it went 7.40s at 93.5 on a fucking 2xx shot of nitrous. the car runs 7.80s at 88-89 on motor.

My buddy that owns a shop said to check the grounds going to the solenoids and we did. He had his purge sol., nitrous sol., fuel sol., wot switch ground and one other ground on one single bolt on the car. it wasnt even touching very much metal at all. Ive since ground some paint off on his strut tower and moved his nitrous and fuel sol. to a new spot and its touch metal on all spots of the ground now and the same for purge solenoid.

was this the problem, the solenoid was closing to early or somthing like that causing it to run stupid rich? the car is on 110 octane also. im thinking its a 240 hp shot. any suggested timing would be great also.

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First of all, BACK DOWN on the jetting!

I am amazed at people that don't start out with a low power level and learn how to do this stuff first. A 73 jet is HUGE! Go down to something in the 40 range and learn from there.

Second, how in the world are you going LEANER on the top end???? Most everyone will see the car go richer as the bottle pressure/flow drops some during a pass and therefore we all see it get richer (unless you are using a pusher system or the NANO system).

Have enough fuel pump for this? Doesn't seem like you do.

Back that jet down and learn on a small shot and work up from there. The pistons you guys save will keep more money in your pocket and less parts on the track!
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