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Way back in 1985 we were making 5,000 PLUS with 115/145 AV gas, supercharged, 1000+ single shot, 50/50 water methanol. Used a 8 oz cup of octane booster to 65 gallons. And if there was a big crowd onlooking, the crew chief would pour a can of Budweiser in the ADI tank (Ani Detonation Injection, aka water/meth.). This was using stock crank/rods, modified stock pistons, and even stock camshafts, single overhead cams with 4 valves per cylinder. Approx 6.5:1 compression ratio and a HUGE PR-100 Pressure Carburetor, too.
Ok, we cheated......2,240 cid sure helps. But loading and unloading the prop at 4,200Rpm is BRUTAL!! We safety wired the main caps with .040" wire and 80% were broken at tear down. (Less than 45 minutes at power, if I remember correctly).
The 15.5" three blade 15-5 forged stainless prop spun at 15,000+ rpm and cost $10k each back then. The bearings in the prop strut were phenolic and was lubed with WATER😵‍💫. The shaft was 2.5" K-monel.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts