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HI I tryed posting this in general teck and got no reply

I have a 478ci bbc 3.76 stroke and 4.5"bore I have a choice of two intakes to use. I have a edelbrock victor jr 2902 4150 flange, or a world products merlin 063030 4150 flange.

Has anyone had the oportunity to flow test one or both for any comparison, or had any dyno experiace with ethier one?

I have noticed that the runers and plenum areas are very diffrent between the to intakes. I am woundering what the reasons are for this.

Any info would be GREAT

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Well.... Long runners, small plenum, big extenders into the plenum is good for low torque.... shorter runners, big plenum, no extenders into the plenum, is for high rpm....

So pick which you want.
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