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Ok Joel....QwickFord....I guess I'm the idiot. Lol, I know nothing and I'm an uneducated person. But, For low coin I've been down the 1/4 mile in less than 9 secs in a stock block/OTS cam/stock head seat-up. Have you?
Yeah I'm the King Ass.....I try to help people go quick other than take their $$.Yeah, I'm on another planet! your true replies like you used to on PM's. Yeah, I'm an asshole....see yal at Mason in 2 weeks.....whatever... Kool Aid Kids!!!

Tater :D

Read this carefully, I doubt you can understand this.......

I / we have no problem with you giving out tech advice or friendly chat but we do have issue with you bringing up same ole hatred between you and other member.

Get over with it. Let it go. Life is too short to keep adding fuel to the fire.

FYI....I totally dislike one of transmission shop / warehouse [no name mention] but I do not post on any website saying this transmission is POS, poor customer service..etc...blah..blah...
I just kept my mouth shut and let it go.........

Why couldn't you do the same thing?:confused:
161 - 161 of 161 Posts
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