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what fuel pump to use

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putting a big shot on with a dedicated pump was wondering what everyone is using for supply, regulator and line size and pump. hoping to spray 150-200 shot
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With it being a rear cell I would go with a Magnafuel Quickstar 300 or something similar. Plenty of pump and will be more than enough to run your nitrous system. A #10 from the cell to the pump, #8 from the pump to the holley 12-803 style regulator. I would run deadheaded regulator instead of bypass at the front also.
how about an aeromotive part number 027-11213 and a holley regulator a friend has both new in the box cheap.
That pump only provides 14psi, with a rear mount fuel cell I would want more psi to make sure the fuel doesn't stall in the line when the car launches.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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