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what fuel pump to use

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putting a big shot on with a dedicated pump was wondering what everyone is using for supply, regulator and line size and pump. hoping to spray 150-200 shot
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This should work for you well, SS Street/Strip Fuel Pump, P/N 11203, 11213
• P/N 11203 features 3/8” NPT inlet and outlet ports.
• P/N 11213 features ORB-08 inlet and outlet ports.
• Perfect for use with either a Bypass Regulator (P/N 13301) or one of our Carbureted Adjustable Regulators. (P/N 13201, 13205)
• Fuel flow exceeds 140 GPH at 13.5 volts.
• Pump provides 14 PSI fuel pressure - perfect for cars that leave hard.
• Pumping mechanism features our proprietary composite rotor, stainless steel vanes and precision ground, heat treated steel plates.
• Ideal for dedicated nitrous delivery.
• Alcohol compatible.
• Low current draw. (under 5 amps)
What setup would you use for the fuel lines?
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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