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This will be my new combo

Suspension will consist of
12 point cage
Wolfe Race craft rear upper control arms
Wolfe Race craft lower control arms
Wolfe Race craft Anti Roll bar
Strange coil overs up front and rear
Team Z k member with tubular A arms

The cars weight will be around 3300 pounds and will be running a 5 speed.

I found a great deal on a killer short block on the corral and jumped on it...Specs are as follows

Motor - (BUILT by Pete @ HED, Harrell Engine Dyno)

- 363 CI Dart sportsman block with 28oz balance
- 4.125 bore dart block, 3.400 Stroke - 5.400 Rod
- Lunati pro series crank with Chevy Journals
- Lunati billet steel rods
- Ross custom Pistons
- Comp cams solid roller tie bar lifters Numbered to mate back up with the correct lobes
- HED custom Solid roller turbo grind cam
- JW "The Wheel" Flexplate for SBF to glide
- Ford Motorsport Balancer
- Head studds
- Block is 0-ringed
- Piston are a flat top style

Going to a HR cam..I have Ed curtis putting the heads cam intake and valve train together

AFR 205H2 Heads: Hydraulic Roller Prep
Stud mounted non-emissions
100% CNC Combustion Chambers
100% CNC Exhaust & Intake Ports
3-angle Radiused Valve Job
2.080" Stainless 8mm Intake Valves
1.600" Stainless 8mm Exhaust Valves
Lunati LSX Dual Valve Springs
160 lbs. on seat, .660" maximum lift
7º Titanium Spring Retainers
7º Hardened & Machined Valve Locks
Steel Shell Viton Valve Stem Seals
Custom Hardened Spring Locators

Edelbrock Super Victor 5.0 EFI Intake
CHP Throttle Body Elbow
Port-match the runners to heads
Mill sides of intake to fit heads
Plenum/Entrance Elbow Rework

Custom Billet Hydraulic Roller Camshaft
Comp Cams Steel Ultra-Pro Magnum Rockers
Morel Street Link-Type Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Power adder for now will be a Precision pt76gts

I will be running 93 pump.My overall goal is for a killer street car that will see the track from time to time..What kind of power and times you guys think i am looking at assuming i drive the shit out of it

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Find someone better to do your heads cam and intake.

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hahahahahahahahaha he could suck cock for all i care as long as he does his thing..Nothing personal Ed just trying to make a point
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