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What do Chuck L and Jim Powski have in common?

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They can both phuck a class up!! :-D Nice numbers tonight!! I think this will stir the post a little!! :-D
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And we like to do long burnouts and Wheelies.

I think the MPH with NOS on that car will be something like 172 with A "W" Tire :lol:
Your Right Chris U.

The Falcon runs 8.60's with a 632 Street motor with a lenco Drive.

But if the T-Bird if with the 638 BBF runs 8.60 I'm going to blow my Brains Out
Jim Monson said:
Great job Chuck and Crew. That car was the class of the class!
Thanks Jim and Steff.

Jim, I hope you get your car Ready Race for the 24th!
1 - 5 of 15 Posts
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