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This weekend was the last weekend for 2 wheel speed. Its been a LONG time since we have had a race and I was really excited to finally get out and race. Well, I took the bike to get fuel last night, and she was running like a raped ape. I was just cruising and one of my nitrous lines burst... no biggie, just pulled over turned the bottle off and replaced the line when I got home.

Fast forward to this morning... I flash a new tune that doesn't have a 2 step on it, and start the bike up, and head to the track. Get down the block and go to pin it a bit, and the bike falls flat on its face. I have spent about 5 hours trying to fix it, and I think I finally came to the conclusion the TPS sensor took a dump on me. :mad:

So, I guess its an early winter for me! Hope everyone else's weekend went well if you were racing or testing anywhere!
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